Are Oversized Sunglasses In Style?

Are Oversized Sunglasses In Style?
Over the recent years, you might have noticed oversized sunglasses seem to be making a strong comeback - and it’s not hard to understand why. 


After all, there’s a lot to love about this particular trend. Oversized sunglasses are practical and a great choice when purchasing online as they suit most and when worn properly these sunglasses can make a bold fashion statement.


In this blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about oversized sunglasses and how to wear them stylishly. 


What Are Oversized Sunglasses?

First things first, what are oversized sunglasses?


As the name suggests, oversized sunglasses feature frames/ lenses that are much bigger than standard styles. To be considered oversized, the sunglasses need to be larger than their traditional counterparts. 


This style of sunglasses was very popular in the 60s, as they were famously worn by celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. That being said, they’ve been making a comeback in recent years as many celebrities have been rocking this style more and more. 


These days, you’ll often see oversized sunglasses on celebrities trying to keep a low profile - which is ironic as this style tends to speak volumes for themselves. Because of their larger nature, they’re considered a fashion statement - helping the wearer to stand out.


Are Oversized Sunglasses In Style?

So, are oversized sunglasses in style? Yes, absolutely. As we mentioned above, they took their stride in the early 60s, though they’ve been making a comeback in recent years as more and more celebrities continue to adopt this accessory into their styles.


That being said, we can’t say we’re not surprised that the style of oversized sunglasses has stood the test of time - after all, they bring along with them a series of benefits that other styles simply can’t compete with. 


One of the most obvious benefits of oversized sunglasses would be that they offer more sun protection. Because these sunglasses cover more skin on your face, they’re better at defending your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays - which can protect your skin over time and limit signs of ageing.


Another unique advantage of this larger style would be that they’re great for anyone hoping to distract from certain facial features - such as a large nose. 


Whether you’re looking for unique ways to express your style or are hunting for a modern, yet practical sunglass style to wear - the trend of oversized sunglasses is an option you simply can’t ignore. 


How To Wear Oversized Sunglasses 

Choosing to wear a pair of oversized sunglasses is a stylish choice, though wearing them well is a whole other challenge you’ll need to master - otherwise, you might be standing out for all the wrong reasons. 


Anyone can rock a pair of oversized sunglasses, though there are a few tricks you’ll need to know before you do. Find out more below.

  1. Know Your Face Shape 

Have you ever noticed that some styles of glasses look better on some people? This is because certain styles suit certain face shapes better than others.


For example, wayfarer sunglasses look best on people with oblong or oval face shapes, whereas round sunglasses work better on rectangular face shapes.


When it comes to wearing oversized glasses stylishly, one of the best things you can do is know your face shape. After all, oversized glasses often come in a range of different styles. By understanding which style is most flattering for your face shape, you can choose the most stylish pair for you. 

  1. Nail The Fit 

Another thing to consider before choosing a pair of oversized glasses is how they fit your face - as there are certain criteria they need to meet to ensure a comfortable fit.


First and foremost, these sunglasses shouldn’t dominate your face. If they’re wider than your head, they’re potentially too big.


These sunglasses should also sit comfortably on your face without touching your cheeks while still showing your eyebrows. If you’re still not sure about the fit, try the smile test. If you notice the sunglasses rise off your nose when smiling, it means they don’t fit properly. 

  1. Coordinate Your Outfit 

It seems that some outfits or styles were just meant to be paired with oversized sunglasses. So, if an opportunity arises for you to complement your outfit with a set of oversized sunglasses, be sure to take advantage of it. 


Because oversized sunglasses are great for protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays, they tend to look great when paired with a spring or summery outfit.


For example, you could try pairing these specs with a light floral button-up and a pair of shorts to push those summer vibes. 


Where Can I Buy Oversized Sunglasses?

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